Who belongs to these Headphones ..

I am a mother, a band booker, a music supervisor, a filmmaker, a festival director, a curator, a bar dj, a photo-taker, a freelance journalist, and a hobby hostess. *

I am an open book.. most of the time.. you don’t have to look in my bag, my medicine cabinet or on my desk, well –that does tell a lot! I used to like pina colada’s when I was 10 and I’ve loved jukeboxes- always! I’ve been known to sit for hours watching films, reading books cover to cover listening and singing to music- loudly usually (alone).. I like video games which all you have to do is shoot (more functions and I’m lost or bored) like Space Invaders or Tetris, this may give away my age. If it’s your birthday I can make your present in under 20 minutes..watch out! the glue may still be wet and I have most likely improvised with the letters. If I like you I will cook for you, that is, -if you enjoy food..and if I love you :: mi casa su casa…autumn is my favorite season..unless it’s summer…my mother says I’m easily impressed…but i just find desire in simple pleasures, silly jokes, spontaneous actions, truth, and of course- love: I am happy when you call me out of the blue, when you cook something yummy just for me, when you create everything inside your head and then in moments of inspiration you put it down on paper, in sound, in picture, moving or still whatever – creating.. ..when you can giggle with me over silly stuff and be impressed with these things at my side. and I am very grateful for those 2 human beings that love all these things in me.. M+E x

eat me

eat me

longing for a soundtrack that is this moment…


One thought on “Who belongs to these Headphones ..

  1. 5am…

    A moment that can happen at any time.

    when everything falls into place,
    clarity is at it’s clearest,
    confusion transforms into oneness
    and when fate…
    Welcomes you with open arms.

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