Soundtracks are Us + Introducing …

Dear Friends and Lovely Listeners,

Many of you know the side project of the other 2o side projects that I am whirling around in called SUPERTAPE (( In addition to the services that we already offer we will be compiling “mixed-tapes” playlists for inspiration, your business or just fo’ pleasure. I will begin posting frequent example soundtracks using the site 8 tracks :: you can find me under the user name SupertapeM.

Here is the first one: Enjoy, Listen and share … and if you have a theme to give me inspiration then shout out!

and new news //

we are listening to the 80s, getting the dust of the 68s and searching for new talents in Berlin – SUPERTAPE is doing the music supervision and copyright clearing for the new feature film of Maria Speth (“In the Tag hinein”, “Madonnen”, “9 Leben”)

+++  p.s  INTRODUCING …. My Lovely and talented Kiddo Elvis has started his own Blog because aside from all the other things he is interested in, it seems he caught his Mama’s music lover bug and plans to go his own direction // I’m proud so I am shouting out here :: check out ::


3 thoughts on “Soundtracks are Us + Introducing …

  1. Digging the mixtapes!

    Would you be interested in doing a Berlin mix on 8 tracks for my blog, überlin (

    You could include a link back here, or to supertape, whatever. We’d love to have you!

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