Tomorrow, the week after that and the one after that // Is that all there is ???

Dear Friends and Lovely Listeners and my dear Chocolate store,

A Love Letter, a Thank you-  a Goodbye? ::: Is that all there is?  //

I have spent the greater part of my life dedicated to watching, listening,  loving and hoping.. and a large part of that was within the walls of Ackerstr. 169! There I learned what community could do when having the right ingredients and perhaps the right place and time and how we COULD choose how we wanted to live and share with an ideology which has not been easy to stick to in the times we live in, but always upheld in the big picture for the greater good of the community. Somehow in the reflection of the choices I made over the years no matter if I strayed off in other adventures, tried my hand at other things, I always kept one foot in this world …

Because one doesn’t get many chances in life to be a part of keeping dreams alive. Granted our versions of dreams and what and whom they may benefit are completely different but in the end dreams are things we have to strive for each day: even if just a little –so we know that the last string between the dreams and a larger “wakened” reality are kept intact. I have been doing that now for many years doing what i could even when other concerns in my life were larger and more immediate .. I kept my foot there but more importantly, my heart: for a place, for its people, for a community that strove each day for this dream by making it a reality.

I may be writing a love letter in haste but perhaps its a long time coming .. maybe more of a big thank you for what you have given me all these years. I pass that on to my son who also spent his first 7 years of life within its walls. An ode to you dear Ackerstr. 169 :: the chocolate store aka Schokoladen and all the amazing people who i have met and have been honored to now call friends !

Viva-Long live Schokoladen!  yours, Mx

and the p.s. is perhaps the last events i will have in this great place :: please come out and support us until the last moment and check every event and see which one could be for you too.- i am sure you will find something! :: the rose colored walls, the worn womb like stage and the people who spirit its insides thank you and hope that you never forget!

THIS WEEK  02.02.2012 //

M:SOUNDTRACK+ REGEN Konzerte// Carlos Cipa (München) + S ND Y P RL RS (Bln) + DJ

A Special evening with Piano .. It’s dusted off and brought to us by Carlos Cipa from Münich. In 2011 he was invited to join a compilation for the red cross with 36 artists/bands from around the planet, including Nils Frahm, Ólafur Arnalds, Peter Broderick and many more. This may give you a look at the influences of the evening

CARLOS CIPA // is a musician/composer residing in Munich, Germany, where he is currently studying film music composition. He just finished the recordings of his first album which will be released very soon.

His piano music impresses particularly because of its intensity and great attention to detail. It is not only influenced by his classical background and symphonic film music works, but also by the experiences he made as a drummer in different hardcore punk/screamo bands.

Besides the piano he is interested in all different kinds of instruments, as experimenting takes an important role in his work. He discovered his passion for music very early in his life. At the age of 6 he began taking classical piano lessons with various renowned teachers.

When he started playing drums 10 years later he turned his back on classical music and became interested in composing and improvisation.

S ND Y P RL RS (Bln) // is the moniker of Berlin-based artist/musician Malte Cornelius Jantzen. Formerly known as Songs For Sunday Parlours or Sunday Parlours, which he neverreally liked, he stripped it down but he still doesn’t really like it.

One could describe his songs as what people call ‘indie’, but basicly S ND Y P RL RS is deeply rooted in pure diy spirit and rare lofi soul. Heavily influenced by 90s rock like early Cat Power, Low or Modest Mouse.

His new album BRING DEATH TO S ND Y P RL RS is out now via New Wedding Avant-Garde and was described as “lofi pop noise” and “beautiful and destructive at the same time”.


The week after  that  16.02.2012 //

M:Soundtrack presents: Cats and Cats and Cats (UK) + Oh Pears (US) + Gewalt Disney Team for a blow out party …

Cats and Cats and Cats (UK) // stagger their trademark brand of catchy math rock with folk inspired post rock sections. They formed in 2005. Extensive touring followed with the band sharing stages with luminaries such as Youthmovies, 65 Days of Static, Foals and Blood Red Shoes and performing at 2007’s Glastonbury Festival.

Cats x3 were soon gaining label interest and, after releasing a split single for Wolf Party records, found a home for their next release with well known Oxford based label Big Scary Monsters. The Split EP with Oxford’s This Town Needs Guns (2007) was a storming success and Huw Stephens invited both bands to record a Radio 1 Session.

Oh! Pears (US) // is the brainchild of Philadelphia’s Corey Duncan, a thrilling new voice whose work draws equally from the worlds of indie-pop (Beirut, Grizzly Bear) and classical composition (Ravel, Tchaikovsky) to create enchanting songs with transformative power.

Fill Your Lungs, the latest Release of Oh! Pears, finds Duncan exploring a sound a lifetime in the making, setting stunning orchestral arrangements drawn from his family’s long lineage of classical musicians to urgent, three-minute perfect pop nuggets not far removed from the stylings of his previous outfit, Pattern Is Movement. It’s an engrossing sound that places Duncan at the forefront of a class of high-minded American songwriters like Van Dyke Parks and Jeremy Enigk.

The songs on Oh! Pears’ debut Fill Your Lungs EP deal with startlingly personal themes; “Singers” is about Duncan and his brother forging their own identities amid intense Catholicism. “The Hall” touches on a relative’s gradual loss of sight, and how he learns to adjust his life to the change. “A lot of these songs, really, are identity songs,” Duncan says. “Who my family is, who my friends are.”


the Last Hurrah?  19.02.2012

M:Soundtrack and Schokoladen presents a very special Sunday evening at the chocolate store :::: a Screening of the music film :: Esperando el Tsunami by Vincent Moon + Lulacruza and an ACOUSTIC set from the band FENSTER

If you were at the last screening I had from Vincent Moon and Efterklang almost a year ago, you can imagine what beautiful images and sound awaits you.

“An intoxicating picture & sound piece disguised as a road movie”

“Vincent Moon is back with what he calls his best film ever. We are not reluctant to agree with him… Lulacruza travel across Colombia to take the country’s musical nectar and transform it into their almost shamanic trance sessions, Moon follows closely with his sensuous-seeking camera and responsive musicianship…

A magical-realism love story of the most beautiful kind.” CPH:DOX

Official Selection for the Sound and Vision Award

and a pre screening ACOUSTIC SET from the Band FENSTER // My friends in Fenster have decided in support and love of Schokoladen to do a very special acoustic set before the screening and afterwards DJ team Jambon Beurre! Thanks guys

FENSTER // a duo of New Yorker-turned-Berliner JJ Weihl and Berlin-born Jonathan Jarzyna, that plays de-constructed pop music, layering subtle distortions, melodic chords and city soundscapes under dream narratives. Their sound and recording style has analog warmth, exploring the relationship between machine errors in their circuit bended beats and the tactile use of objects and instrumentation. Their influences range from the Velvet Underground to, the sounds of broken records, the hum of a washing machine, or the faint melodies of oldies tunes through their kitchen radio.

PLEASE come to their proper RECORD RELEASE party on MARCH 2, 2012 at MARIE ATOINETTE with guests Mary Ocher, Hush Hush, Tuck & Cape + Dj’s there you will be able to witness their entire set in all it’s glory .. One of my favorite bands of 2011!


2 thoughts on “Tomorrow, the week after that and the one after that // Is that all there is ???

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  2. Hello! We would love to play a gig with you, you sound like fun! 🙂
    What is the best way to contact you? (we are new to wordpress but we do use facebook, twitter and myspace)

    We would love to talk to you about playing a concert in April. You can tweet us back or send us an email

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    Kid Champion 🙂 (UK)

    p.s. If there is anything we can do to help with die schokoladen please let us know. It sounds like one of those amazing places that should never be lost!

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