Bad News Travels Fast!

Prevent the SCHOKOLADEN-Eviction! (22.02.2012) !!

Don’t allow another Eviction of Our – Your Cultural History !! This coming month on the 22nd of February the SCHOKOLADEN an Alternative Club/Venue in Mitte has received an EVICTION notice (22.02.2012)

We are one of the last standing Cultural venues in Mitte – 22 years and counting.. WE Need All of your help and Support :: Thus far we’ve had NO real help from the district, from politicians – only talk and a few pity parties and EVERY attempt at a resonable discussion with the house owner Herr Friedrich has repeatedly been disregarded or shot down. A peaceful solution has been avoided.

Support Us in various ways // pass this on :: Come to our shows and Events, Drink our Beer, celebrate with your friends, dance, and mark your calendars -very important !! 8am Ackerstrasse – on the 22nd Of February!










NEW YEAR Soundtrack

Dear friends and Lovely Listeners,
This past year was a whirlwind and the music was as moving and eclectic as its speed. Full of events and shows that i was very proud to be a part of and of the tremendously talented folks i am privy to meet each year that makes my soundtrack grow and grow.. thanks to you all and the guests who came out to share these special moments.

Back to Business Here is why we are here //

M: Soundtrack presents on 19.01.2012  And The Wiremen (NYC) + Squid Libets (Bln) + Dj Mika Risiko at Schokoladen Mitte РAckerstr. 169 РRosenthalerplatz U8

And The Wiremen (NYC) // is a Brooklyn-based ensemble led by songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Lynn Wright. As the primary songwriter and lyricist, he specifically works and collaborates with core members Paul Watson (Sparklehorse) on trumpet, Tony Maimone (Pere Ubu) on bass, and longtime partner in crime Jon Petrow (Cloudroom) on guitar (with whom Wright also shares time in another laudable Brooklyn-based outfit, Bee and Flower).

The experience, ingenuity, and craft this collection of musicians brings to the table is further enhanced by their collective willingness to defy genre. They are improvisatory, whimsical, and pleasurably good at leaving a listener playing a song-to-song guessing game. At times heavily Latin-influenced–with strokes of cumbia and an underpinning of Colombian and Brazilian percussion–these songs comfortably move into jazz, avant-pop, or blues–sometimes within the same number–despite a deceptive minimalist approach to song structures. Lyrically, Wright is cogent, funny, and literate; a virtuoso, really. He has a knack for catchy one-liners (hardly throwaways) and passages that sound indebted to some wily trident of Faulkner, South American Surrealism and film noir–aspects which combine to push both the music and Wright’s smooth, cool-as-a-cucumber delivery into the lofty realms of fable. – Pete Simonelli (Enablers)

Squid Libets (Bln) // play music that could sway underwater repeating like waves or breaking into foam crashing on rocks, enjoying the experience of swimming naked into the romantic deep sides of the heart

drums Janja Pervan guitar Zelda Panda bass Johanna Olausson guitar, vocals Raliza Nikolowa


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