Autumn, Fall, Herbst whatever you call it —

Dear Lovely Listeners,

After a row of too many things and events that I couldn’t catch up with to a hiatus of sorts where time was in surplus allowing a chance to come down and get back up on the horse and ride .. I am now ready for what Autumn, Fall, Herbst whatever you call it will bring… and I am proud of what this soundtrack has to offer  ::: Starting this week you might as well bring your sleeping bags and OCCUPY Schokoladen because with the lineup this week there will be no need to go home …

p.s. yes as you can see below :: we are trying to change the world !! Occupy Everything + Viva Schokoladen!

your M: Soundtrack x






THURSDAY, 17. November @ 8 p.m.  begin!// SNAILHOUSE (CAN) + Water Brother (Bln/US) + DJ decent //







SNAILHOUSE (CAN) // is an ongoing collection of songs by Montreal based artist Mike Feuerstack. Half singer-songwriter, half experimental guitar player – Feuerstack is in love with words and music and how they play together. Over the course of 6 albums and 2 EPs, Snailhouse has earned a very loyal following all over the underground music world.

Snailhouse’s last record, the Jeremy Gara produced Lies on the Prize was widely acclaimed (including a Polaris nomination) for its panoramic and literate musicality.

The latest offering, 2011′s Sentimental Gentleman, is a record of emotional and musical extremes, which deftly showcases Feuerstack’s unique and literate sense of humour & heartbreak.

At once classic and inventive, the unique song-craft and sensibility listeners come to expect from Snailhouse takes genres both new and old and weaves them into something that can never be listened to the same way twice.

WATER BROTHER (US/BLN) // James Folker aka Oh Fortuna is with his new project WATER BROTHER in Berlin

file under: Beach Bums, Surftronic, Psychedelic, Chill Wave, Indie-Electronica, Endless Summer


NEW NEU NUEVO  /// TEAR POP TO SHREDS __ premiering ON THIS COMING SATURDAY 19.11.2011 ::  THE New party series  every Saturday in Schokoladen, starting 11 pm with FREE entry, in our cozy concert room turned after 11 into a dancehall  with exquisite party djs, so stay around after the show is over and drink and dance with us !  JOIN US HERE









SATURDAY, 19. November @ 8 p.m. begin! // SISKIYOU (CAN) + Royalchord (OZ/Bln) + DJ Sissters   //








I did one of my first M:Soundtrack shows ever with Great Lake Swimmers so its kinda full circle now having The Siskiyou guys here again on our stage . Nice.. I am really looking forward!


SISKIYOU (CAN) // is the new group led by former Great Lake Swimmers member Colin Huebert in collaboration with Erik Arnesen (who still plays with the Swimmers). The group is based in Vancouver, Canada where Huebert has recently settled after a stint working on an organic farm following his departure from the Swimmers

Huebert had channeled the songs comprising siskiyou’s eponymous debut with immediacy and austerity, recording dozens of tunes at home with only voice and guitar, generally within minutes of their conception, as an exercise in unmediated documentation. From this audio sketchbook, Huebert and Arnesen began building gently ornate arrangements on top of various tunes, recording overdubs in itinerant fashion in hallways, stairwells, bathrooms and parks throughout the Vancouver area.

Banjo, piano, accordion and electric guitar play the lead roles in adorning Colin’s initial acoustic guitar sketches. The resulting collection of songs thrums with a scrupulous lo-fi backwoods energy and restraint. The music has been described as perfectly conjuring the lush, crisp yet often chilly landscape of the Pacific Northwest.

Influences : Guided by Voices

Royalchord (OZ/BLN)// are a psychedelic and always endearing electronic pop journey through the emotional highs, lows and in-betweens of existence. This post-modern duos music has been described as mellow and hypnotic, and Royalchord are the songwriting duo of Eliza Hiscox and Tammy Haider, originally from Melbourne, Australia.

Known for their intimate, charming, honest, eclectic, fragile and surprising live performances, Royalchord are compared to Cocorosie, Catpower and other such female contemporaries, but prefer to cite their influences as “Eddy Grant, Timbaland, Air and Hall & Oates”. They could just as easily be found listening to Yacht rock as Hip hop.

SUNDAY, 20. November @ 6 p.m. – 18h Begin!!! __ ALL AGES – MATINEE KONZERT //










PASCAL PINION (Iceland)+ Rae Spoon (Can) + Screening: Back Yard Rockumentary + MORR MUSIC DJ TEAM //

M:Soundtrack and Schokoladen welcomes the Morr Music team and the lovey Icelandic Teenagers PASCAL PINON for an afternoon of Music Tacos and More Moor Music. + Opening the very talented RAE SPOON (CAN) afterwards (9 p.m.) there will be a screening of the Rockumentary distributed by Morr Music called BACK YARD by Árni Sveinsson


so come early eat some Tacos and listen to some great music!


PASCAL PINION (Iceland/Morr Music) // are the twins Jófríður and Ásthildur, two girls from Reykjavík, Iceland. When they were only fourteen they got together with two of their friends and decided to start a band. Using the instruments they had, Pascal Pinon worked in the twin’s bedroom.

Age is just a number? Well, certainly not in this case: Listening to “Pascal Pinon,” the band’s eponymous debut album, the fact that you’re dealing with a bunch of 16-year-old teenage girls is way too evident and in-your-face to merely dismiss it as some kind of “additional cuteness”.

In this Teenage bedroom they had their first concert calling it ‘The Friendly Concert’. Only a few months later Pascal Pinon had already played various local venues and decided to record their first album. They borrowed a house in a small town called Vogar and recorded the self titled album with only one microphone. It sounds extremely cute. The main impact on the twin’s music may be a certain shyness when faced with the thin walls of their bedroom. You’ll find a very special record. A twee mixture out of acoustic neofolk and low-fi pop: an enjoyable journey through what it’s like being a teenager.

It was nominated for The Icelandic Music Awards as Newcomer of the Year 2009. Now Morr Music, that always had a special link to Icelandic music scene will releases it worldwide.

RAE SPOON (CAN/(Saved By Radio/Vinyl) // is both the hunter and the hunted. His latest album love is a hunter, is a pop-infused exploration of identity, contradiction and longing.

Heavily inspired by an extensive period spent in Europe, Spoon examines the various shades of love found everywhere from the club to the internal monsters within.

Recorded with Lorrie Matheson in Calgary, Alberta, Love Is A Hunter is Spoon’s most danceable release yet. He continues to navigate through uncharted terrain, blurring musical genres, lyrical lines and electro-infused beats.

As a former country crooner with previous releases: Throw Some Dirt On Me (2003), Your Trailer Door (2005), White Hearse Comes Rolling (2006) and the exploration of Canada and colonialism on Polaris nominated Superioryouareinferior (2008), Spoon shifts focus to love found beneath disco balls and the quest for belonging and community.

THURSDAY, 24. NOVEMBER @ 8 P.M. beginn!  // Pink Mountaintops  ∆  (Can)+ Sarsaparilla (US/Bln)  + DJ //







PINK MOUNTAINTOPS ∆ (CAN) // “Outside Love” is the third album by Pink Mountaintops, AKA Stephen McBean, who has slowly emerged as a distinctive voice and a very special contributor to the North American songbook. A veteran of the Vancouver/Victoria punk rock scene, McBean is best known for his contributions to acclaimed rock band Black Mountain, as principal songwriter, guitarist and co-vocalist.

The ten songs on “Outside Love” are about or influenced by weddings in Montreal, winter, Pink Floyd’s The Final Cut, Christmas albums, that one Exile song and that one Echo and the Bunnymen song, the Bermuda Triangle, being depressed in the sunshine, people who haven’t made out yet but will in the future, The Everly Brothers, clowns in the ceilings, and bedrooms where skinheads used to live.

Friends and family who contributed to or appear on “Outside Love”, in no particular order, include Sophie Trudeau (A Silver Mt. Zion, Godspeed You! Black Emperor), Ted Bois (Destroyer), Jesse Sykes (Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter, sunnO)))), Phil Wandscher (Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter, Whiskeytown), Josh Stevenson (Jackie O Motherfucker), Ashley Webber (The Organ, Bonnie Prince Billy), Amber Webber (Black Mountain, Lightning Dust), Matthew Camirand (Black Mountain, Blood Meridian), Joshua Wells (Black Mountain, Lightning Dust), Keith Parry (Superconductor, the Gay), and Tolan McNeil (Caroline Mark).

Recorded at multiple studios, “Outside Love” was mixed at Elmwood Studios by John Congleton (Modest Mouse, Black Mountain, Explosions In The Sky, The Mountain Goats).

Sasparilla (Bln) // In den vergangenen Jahren wählte sich der internationale DJ, Produzent und Musikant immer wieder Berlin zur Heimat. Zur hiesigen Exilanten-Gemeinde gehört auch Brandon Miller aus Philadelphia, der mit seinem Projekt Sarsaparilla allerdings eine sehr viel weiter zurückliegende Tradition wiederbelebt: das Wohnzimmer, einst in der frisch vereinigten Hauptstadt als kreative Keimzelle entdeckt.

Dorthin passen würde auch prima die Musik von “Ebb”, dem dritten Album von Sarsaparilla. Das hat Miller im eben vergangenen Frühjahr zwar in einem Treptower Studio aufgenommen, aber es klingt trotzdem, als wäre es entstanden zwischen Stehlampe und Blümchencouch. Gezupfte Gitarren und verschämter Rhythmus, Millers nasaler Gesang und das Klavier von Nikola Jeremic fügen sich zu urbaner Melancholie, die sehnsüchtig in die öden Brachflächen von Millers verlorener Heimat blickt, von Lagerfeuern erzählt und auch von Heuhaufen, die irgendwie Blues ist, aber vor allem Folk, ein bisschen Rock und vor allem sehr persönlich, ja geradezu privatistisch.

Auch die Beiträge der Gäste, die Trompete von Damir Bacikin und die Geige von Martha Rose, fügen sich widerspruchslos in das so spartanische wie schwermütige Grundkonzept, in dem Miller die klischeeverdächtige Weite der Americana mit Hilfe gnadenloser Individualisierung auf die Größe eines schönen deutschen Living Rooms herunterbricht – ohne wahrscheinlich jemals von der verblichenen Berliner Wohnzimmer-Szene gehört zu haben. Das allerdings mag dem Hörer herzlich egal sein, solange Sarsaparilla so hübsch in Wehmut baden.


other highlights //

COMING UP //  M:SOUNDTRACK:: Susie Asado Record Release + Spring Breakup (CAN)








Susie Asado (Bln/KOOKmusic) // she likes to drink sweet tea. She likes words and songs. Call her a song-talker, word-juggler, syllable-thrower, and syntax-stalker. If the circus would have her, she would indeed join the circus.

On December 9th KOOKmusic is releasing the new Susie Asado album “Traffic Island”. On the 8th of December we will have a party to celebrate and on the 9th we leave for touring adventures with our lovely friends Spring Breakup from Canada. We are excited, we are doing dances, we are jumping around on traffic islands watching the traffic do its zigzagging rush motor blur. Blur. We love it! Please come out and celebrate! We will start punctually at 8 p.m. because we want to be very proper and not cause trouble in the neighborhood. Long live the Schokoladen!

If you would like to be formally invited via snail mail please send us your snail mail address. We like to be formal and we love snail mail.

Yeah to skyscrapers, buttons, fancy ladies with dogs, airplanes, traffic, islands and traffic islands. We love you all. Your, Susie Asado


SPRING BREAKUP (CAN) // is the unusual musical marriage between Yukon songwriter Kim Barlow and Mathias Kom, nouveau Newfoundlander and leader of The Burning Hell. They like to live as far as possible from each other, and then get together and write pretty little ukulele and banjo songs about the inevitable end of love.Spring Breakup is a new band with very old hearts. Here is what some folks have said about Barlow and Kom:

“There are no weak songs here (each musician contributed about half), and many leave the world slightly altered when they’re done. Kom, who also leads the Burning Hell, dispenses his pearls (“the world is my oyster, but I’m allergic to shellfish”) in a drooping deep baritone, while Barlow’s lightly rusted soprano seems just right for songs about what happens after you’re pushed beyond your limit and your dead horse is still dead. Buy this record.” – The Globe and

* for fans of Magnetic Fields


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