This Week // New Hours // Quiet Riots!

Dear friends and Lovely listeners,

I write you from the summer cold blues bed, so many things are changing, unsteady, rough,  yet with all the shit you sometimes just have to get yourself a shovel because under all that crap is possibly still some gold! Yea, i’m trying to keep the flame its not easy but with all the great shows & events coming up, I can certainly say that I will be in good company! A short run down of the positive and exciting things coming up and a shot of today’s photo of the day..
















on Monday  the 20th of June // DANIELLE de PICCIOTTO will be reading from her book :

THE BEAUTY OF TRANGRESSION at Schokoladen Mitte, Ackerstr. 169 @ 9 p.m // doors open at 8 p.m. plus before during and after soundtrack from dj Sissters

To underline the Berlin atmosphere she is portraying film clips, photographs will be projected during the reading and her husband ALEXANDER HACKE of the legendary German Band Einstürzende Neubauten will create live electronic soundscapes during the show.  Danielle de Picciotto’s intimate text and personal selection of images penetrate through hype and commercialization and make The Beauty of Transgression a uniquely genuine documentation of the creative history of Berlin’s underground.


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