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Dear Lovely Listeners,

when the updates become less frequent then there is a lot cooking on this stove! … its true so much is happening in the moment one can barely take a breath or let alone give your pocket a chance to recover .. Berlin is like a turnstile at the moment and we are all on its merry-go-round… Highlights of events that i myself didn’t even have to lift a finger for.. >>awesome  😉

One such event was the fantastic Rockopera=Theater Piece @ HAU rightly called the “Peaches Does Herself ” Show  amazing, great set design costumes dancers trash everything you want and more out of a rockopera BUT…, then when i thought i had seen it all  and had had my share of RockOPERAs , I was blown out my cushy velvety seat by one SUFIJAN STEVENS — insane .. that was an epic magical dayglow sweetness with a bit of autotune sprinkled on top .. ok. i stop there  but ill be thinking about that one for a while.. when is the last time we heard a 25 minue song.. hello 70’s.

And on the other side of the coin there were alot of events that i had the honor of taking part in since I last checked in and it went something like this :: maybe you were there with me maybe you swayed, rocked and sang along too? well  if not there were magical moments and more to come. this is my life this is your soundtrack.

best >M

:::: Rückblick ::::

25.03 // Ching Chong Song (NYC) + Molley Nilsson (Swe/Bln)

31.03  // Nan Turner (NYC) + Scott Rudd  (NYC) @ Schokoladen

14.04 // Joasihno + Angela Aux – München @ Schokoladen

14.04 – 2 events one night //  a2n party for I N D E P E N D E N C E pt. 1 with AUDIOLITH Records -HH/Bln @ Watergate

17.04 // a2n party for I N D E P E N D E N C E pt. 2 with BATHS (US/Anticon) + AMPL:TUDE (Bln) + Dj Limping Boy and Ville Haimala (1/2 Renaissance Man) + decent @ Watergate

23.04 // Norman Palm Band & Friends (Bln) + Dagobert (Bln) @ Grüner Salon in the Volksbühne

29.04 // Bedways Music + Film Fest @ Westgermany  + Dj Sissters

05.05 // Cinco de Mayo Show with Seth fka Dufus + Phoeb Kreutz – NYC @ Schokoladen

06. 05 // Björn Kleinhenz and Band  Swe) + Pink Moth (Can) @ Grüner Salon

07.07  S U F I J A N S T E V E N S !! I was just a guest 😉

12.05 // Fettkakao Label Night Sex Jams, A Thousand Fuegos, Plaided, Stefanie Souiral – Wien @ Schokoladen

and that brings us to this week!!!


M:SOUNDTRACK presentson : THURSDAY 19.05.2011 @ 9 p.m. in Schokoladen:: OLYMPIC SYMPHONIUM (Canada) +  FENSTER (bln/wisconsin via n.y.c.) with Dj team Jamon Beurre for your before after and during pleasure.

don’t forget your flannel shirts it may be warm but its about aesthetics and getting into the night 😉 or just enter with beard or moustache that works too well, – just bring your flannel heart… this is an evening about quality over quantity!

OLYMPIC SYMPHONIUM (CAN) // Crafting delicately arranged folk-pop that drips with bittersweet melodies, soaring harmonies, and an awful lot of passion, The Olympic Symphonium have been sharing their quiet world with us since 2005. They are and always have been a collaborative effort between three multi-instrumentalists, songwriters, and friends: Nick Cobham, Kyle Cunjak, and Graeme Walker.

After piecing together each of their first two albums from sporadic recording sessions stretched out over many months, The Olympic Symphonium have opted this time for a change of pace. A much quicker pace. The band locked themselves away in a large, empty, secret location in Fredericton, free of distractions, with longtime engineer Brad Perry and gave themselves a week to record an album. With the clock ticking away, the band went to work. Sketches of songs were prepared beforehand and then developed in the studio with all members being on hand at all times; a new experience for the Olympic Symphonium and one they feel has created a cohesive feeling for their third full length album.

Hear + See // http://www.theolympicsymphonium.com/

“…young men learning their way through love and the city, using wooden folk and country music to do it. It’s a charmer.” – The Star Pheonix

“A thing of homespun beauty.” – Line of Best Fit, UK

“..a bit like a hot bath: a bit hard to get into at first, but once you let its warm comforts envelop you, it’s hard to pull yourself out.” – Vu Weekly, Edmonton

“…contemplative, heartfelt acoustic pop that flourishes upon repeat listening.” – Toronto Star

FENSTER (Bln/Wisconsin) // Formed in 2010 by JJ, a New Yorker, Jonathan, a Berliner, and later completed by percussionist Lukas FENSTER makes deconstructed pop, exploring electro acoustic arrangements peppered with traffic noises and bird calls. Their lyrics are often carefully constructed dream narratives, finding inspiration in the world of ghosts, graveyards. trains, religious imagery, and broken machinery. In their music, they build songs around errors, blending melodic chords with broken beats or minimal percussion. Their instruments range from banjo to synth to inanimate objects, using slamming doors and city soundscapes.

They recorded their first album Bones with their friend and producer Tad Klimp before ever having played live together. The recordings took exactly eight days and were a magical time, where they almost completely lived at their basement studio in Steglitz in the dead of winter. A window fell on JJ’s head and shattered.

Berlin’s newest sensation check them out here ::::




23. MAY @ LIDO ::: SAROOS + 13 & GOD

LISTEN ::: http://www.facebook.com/saroosmusic?ref=ts&sk=app_19507961798


Creaked Records & Froggi presents ‘Outer Space Series’ Berlin Release Party

Berlin Release Party

Tidy Kid (Froggi / AUS) – Live
pOnk (Froggi / D) – Live
Oy (Creaked / CH) – Live
TWRA (Beat-Street Collective / D)
Hrdvsion (Wagon Repair / CAN)
Leo (Creaked / CH)


Freitag 27.05.2011 @ Schokoladen
Ackerstraße 169/170, Berlin

The Creaked Label is very happy to present the ‘Outer Space Series’ in collaboration with Berlin graphic designer TWRA from The Beat-Street Collective. Delivered in 3 different volumes, each featuring two artists versus each other, this series will be released digitally and with 3 different limited postcard formats. Bringing together 6 international artists like Starting Teeth, Julien Aubert, Tidy Kid, Gregorythme, pOnk and Jules Chaz, the Outer Space Series is two original tracks, included a remix version by the other.


M:SOUNDTRACK presentson : THURSDAY 02.06.2011 @ 9 p.m. in Schokoladen:: CANDELILLA (Munich) + PETULA (Bln) + Webermichaelson

CANDELILLA // Wir reichen der Romantik die Hand und schneiden ihr die Finger ab Die Hysterie war wie immer unser bester Freund Die Pole waren noch nie so sehr gespannt wie jetzt und das Eis dazwischen ist dünn Wir flirten mit dem sexysexy Disko-Biest Und wir belehren dich Uns zeichnet Fluch und Segen dessen was man gemeinhin Demokratie nennt Wir haben uns dazu durchgerungen die Phrasen auszusprechen LISTEN:: http://www.myspace.com/candelilla
PETULA // is the solo project of Sn Cleemann. It revolves around loop tectonics and honey-y melody, patterns and movements and the occasional clicky beat. Petula hails from Berlin and also plays in real bands making real music.


M:SOUNDTRACK presentson : THURSDAY 09.06.2011 @ 9 p.m. in Schokoladen:: CHEER ACCIDENT (Chicago) + OWL & MACK (Bln)

Horses, take your places please.

CHEER-ACCIDENT is clearly the underdog of Chicago. Always unpredictable, always entertaining, but darn hard to pigeonhole. Imagine an indie prog band, an emo band that can laugh at itself, or a band that might get compared to Trans Am or the Champs (but has probably never heard either), or maybe the best bet is to set that blender on “10” and dream about Steely Dan, Chicago (the band) and U.S Maple.

CHEER-ACCIDENT thrills in dissonance and odd chord changes, yet are undeniably A POP BAND. Chicago has had its share of indie giants, like Tortoise, Joan Of Arc, Shellac, The Sea And Cake, Seam, and Don Cab to name a few. Cheer-Accident fits right in among the crevices. But they sneak in the back door, taking things to another level, with songwriting that will make you cry, musicianship that will make you tremble, and the hooks and the looks needed to go down in musical history.

CHEER-ACCIDENT has an eccentric sense of humor that combines a lush pop style with bursts of bizarre changes; at just about the point where you become convinced that any given song could make it on commercial radio, they “blow it” with some left-field turn straight off a cliff.

Their latest album, and first for SkiN GRAFT is “Salad Days”, a celebration that music is being made at all – A Hi-Fi invitation to the band«s explorations into the dark world of lo fi consciousness (mixed by Steve Albini!!!). Tap in and fell the most rewarding album of the year .

Owl & Mack // The name is a double-image: the nocturnal bird of prey known for it’s sense of depth perception for low-light hunting and the great truck manufacturing company known for making trucks with incredible durability. Owl & Mack’s sound has been described as ‘a convergence of alt-country-rock, dark vamp-based jazz, 1960’s NYC Drone music and Chicago Blues of the Chess Records era…’. Owl & Mack’s line up varies from solo to septet or more. Check it.


M:SOUNDTRACK presentson : MONDAY 20.06.2011 @ 8:30 p.m. in Schokoladen::  DANIELLE de PICCIOTTO will be reading from her book::: THE BEAUTY OF TRANGRESSION on the 20th of JUNE at Schokoladen Mitte, Ackerstr. 169 @ 9 p.m // doors open at 8 p.m

* To underline the Berlin atmosphere she is portraying film clips, photographs will be projected during the reading and her husband ALEXANDER HACKE of the legendary German Band Einstürzende Neubauten will create live electronic soundscapes during the show.

Today, Berlin is celebrated around the world as a magnet for creative talent. But many people do not know or have forgotten how this came to be. In the 1980s, the island city surrounded by the Wall was a sanctuary for musicians, artists, avoiders of West Germany’s mandatory military service, and other outsiders, who were inspired by Berlin’s distinct atmosphere. Berlin winters were cold, long, and especially delirious. When the Wall fell, an unparalleled vacuum of authority was created that further fueled the city’s already uniquely free creative climate.

The American artist Danielle de Picciotto moved to Berlin in 1987. For decades, she witnessed up close the upheaval in the city and the evolution of its underground from post-punk through techno to the mixed experimental creativity of today. She was a part of this transition and experienced how societal changes influenced and changed the city and its inhabitants over the years.

THE BEAUTY OF TRANGRESSION is Danielle de Picciotto’s memoir of Berlin. The book brings together her accounts of musicians, fashion designers, and club owners as well as other artists and their milieus with unique first-hand descriptions of milestone places and events. It is not only a fascinating collection of stories about key individuals, but also gives an authentic and detailed overview of why Berlin has become one of the most appealing metropolises for creatives from around the world.

Danielle de Picciotto’s intimate text and personal selection of images penetrate through hype and commercialization and make The Beauty of Transgression a uniquely genuine documentation of the creative history of Berlin’s underground.


#a2n_live presents: a Benefit :: for I N D E P E N D E N C E // pt. 3 // featuring: HOW TO DRESS WELL (US) + TBA  on Saturday, June 25th @ BERGHAIN KANTINE

HOW TO DRESS WELL (Triangle/US) // How To Dress Well’s Love Remains is an exploration of voice and sound that transgresses typical expectations about song structure and the place of vocalization in the compositional whole, in order to inspire thought and evoke enthralling images of what is left of love after it is broken, and how to find in ourselves and in our truest bonds those places and moments where love remains.

White Men Can’t Jump!“ – Tom Krell alias How To Dress Well ist das egal. Er bastelt trotzdem an SEINER Version von Soul, “falsettocranking” Soul, mindestens so verstörend wie betörend. Tom Krell war mal Brooklyn-Hipster, ist jetzt Philosophie-Student in Köln und Wanderer zwischen beiden Kontinenten. Vor allen Dingen ist Tom Krell aber How To Dress Well. So klingt er mal wie Super Collider minus Cristian Vogels Post-Techno-Wahnsinn, dann wie die Jamie Lidell Horroshow oder wie Burial, dem man mal eben seiner Filter beraubt hat. Dabei versteht sich Krell meisterhaft darauf, die Schönheit seiner Songs unter einem Berg von Distortion, geheimnisvollen Samples und weiteren Störungen zu begraben. Doch seine Stimme lässt sich zu keiner Zeit unterkriegen. Nur so kann die Zukunft von Soul klingen !!!





press album review pitchfork // http://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/14678-love-remains/

….. How to Dress Well is to my mind the biggest breakthrough in home-recorded lo-fi in years. It feels brave, like it’s going places a lot of artists in this sphere are afraid to go. And since the emotions communicated are direct and palpable even if the specifics are elusive, it also has something for people who don’t follow this world of music closely. I can promise you that as I type this right now, 15-year-old kids who have been freaking out over this album are in front of their computers, trying to make their own version of this music. We’ll see how that goes. But the impulse makes sense. Love Remains, because of its construction, feels like music that comes from inside, as if the act of listening completes it.

— Mark Richardson, Pitchfork September 24, 2010

The appallingly named How to Dress Well, aka Tom Krell, makes haunted, lo-fi R&B jams that usually feature strange interpretations of classic pop hits. Recent single Can’t See My Own Face uses part of the melody from Beyoncé’s Crazy in Love to create a ghostly, vapour-thin slice of indie pop, while this current single finds Krell duetting with a certain Michael Jackson from beyond the grave. Over a looped sample of MJ singing “and we can share this ecstasy” from Baby Be Mine, Krell re-frames the love song into something that more than alludes to the partaking of class As. It’s not big and it’s not clever, but there’s something about Krell’s way with a downbeat melody that makes him one to keep an eye on. http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/musicblog/2010/aug/16/how-to-dress-well-ecstasy-jojo

A2N // The all2gethernow e.V. (abbreviated “a2n” ) is an independent platform and event series that looks for new strategies within the music business and it’s cultural landscape. a2n invites all artists, music labels, industry professionals, the web community, media and fans to a constructive exchange of perspectives, collective brainstorming, network building and creates a social platform for interaction with peers. /// for membership details :::: www.a-2-n.de

presented by No Fear Of Pop and Gucci Goth


M:SOUNDTRACK presentson : MONDAY 30.06.2011 @ 9 p.m. in Schokoladen:: BUKE and GRASS (US) + Oh! PEARS (US)

Buke and Gass (US, Brassland) // An awesome and unique sounding duo from New York, signed to The National’s Brassland label. Supported The National on their May tour last year. Shows w/ The National, Efterklang and Owen Pallett in Europe in February and tour w/ Tune-Yards in the US in May. “Together they sound a little like a fucked up, bluesy Deerhoof with Marnie Stern singing on top, or PJ Harvey moving to the Appalachian mountains and getting drunk on tree sap and wielding an axe, yet at the same time, they sound like nothing you’ve ever heard before.” (Laura Snapes, NME)

The band Buke and Gass has a throttling yet joyful sound and a handcrafted sensibility that enraptured listeners this year and landed its album Riposte on NPR Music’s list of 50 Favorite Albums of 2010. A Brooklyn-based duo, Arone Dyer and Aron Sanchez play with customized homemade gear that includes heavy-duty amps, a “toe-bourine,” a kick-drum with noisemakers and, of course, the modified baritone ukulele (“buke”) and guitar-bass hybrid (“gass”) that inspired their name. It’s this mix of ingenuity and musical experimentation that makes their metal- and prog-rock-infused music so unusual and unpredictable.

“We’re trying to solve a problem,” Sanchez tells All Things Considered host Robert Siegel. “We’re only two people and want to sound like a bigger band. We want to make a certain kind of noise and music. So the first step was, ‘Well, we can’t do it with normal instruments, so we need to create something.’ ” NPR

Oh! Pears // is the brainchild of Philadelphia’s Corey Duncan (Pattern is Movement), a thrilling new voice whose work draws equally from the worlds of indie-pop (Beirut, Grizzly Bear) and classical composition (Ravel, Tchaikovsky) to create enchanting songs with transformative power.

Fill Your Lungs finds Duncan exploring a sound a lifetime in the making; setting stunning orchestral arrangements drawn from his family’s long lineage of classical musicians to urgent, three-minute perfect pop nuggets not far removed from the stylings of his previous outfit, Pattern Is Movement. It’s an engrossing sound that places Duncan at the forefront of a class of high-minded American songwriters like Van Dyke Parks and Jeremy Enigk. The songs on Oh! Pears’ debut Fill Your Lungs EP deal with startlingly personal themes; “Singers” is about Duncan and his brother forging their own identities amid intense Catholicism. “The Hall” touches on a relative’s gradual loss of sight, and how he learns to adjust his life to the change. “A lot of these songs, really, are identity songs,” Duncan says. “Who my family is, who my friends are.”

While Duncan has assembled groups consisting of anything from solo performances to a 13-piece chamber orchestra (strings, brass, winds, percussion), the Oh! Pears quartet, featuring Jonathan Pfeffer from Capillary Action on percussion and brother/sister string team Andy and Veronica Jurkiewicz, will be touring Europe behind a new 7” in June 2011.

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  1. I always check out the Schokoladen gigs, since there are often very excellent, yet unfamous acts. For example Phoebe Kreutz has been there in may. Thanks for this blog to inform me in time.


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