news..somethings added some removed.


a quit update for those fall  M:Soundtrack + The Wurst Soundtrack dates.. Todays show 14/10 will happen without the Swedish band Holmes.. they apologize for not coming but hope to make it up in the near future.. ;(  There is an addition to two shows  and three new posters.. one on the 23rd of November with TELEKINESIS we added our friends TAR…FEATHERS who recently found a home in Berlin escaping swedish winter. and two posters  (Telekinesis + Baths) from Stefan Fähler + one from Felix -Florian Tödtloff  for the end of the month show with DOSH (US/ANTICON) + SNAILHOUSE (CAN) ..Danke Guys for making us so colorful and purty!






































































and also to excited about the addition to our  (M:Soundtrack + UTS, Me! ) now (double) CANADA eve at the N:B:I with SISKIYOU (CAN/Great Lake Swimmers) + The Wooden Sky (Can) on 2/12 …yeah.. we like that.. also — We added a new show on December 17th in Berlin at the sexy and mysterious West Germany! Its the even sexier and mysterious voice of JANA HUNTER and LOWER DENS!!













one last Reminder for the GRAPHIC POSTER ARTISTS out there… please give me a shout out and bring your Posters to the .Hbc on the 27th of October for the screening + exhibition + discussion + party!! sorry that was confusing and out of sequential order ..its just like that somedays..  oh chaos, viva musica.. Mx

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