So long since i was here… Fall/winter shows + Screenings

Its been an awful long time since i’ve been here.. but with so many great things to hear and see this fall/winter i thought its time to get of my ass and update … so here it is.. please come out and if you like it please drop me a line… i like to hear if the soundtrack is reaching you all.. best under grey skies, M aka M:Soundtrack x

M:SOUNDTRACK presents ♥ : THURSDAY 30.09.2010 @ 9 p.m. in Schokoladen::
CITAY (US, Dead Oceans) + PETULA (Bln/Froggy Records)

CITAY (US, Dead Oceans) //  makes a joyous return on Dream Get Together, the San Francisco cosmic wanderers’ expansive third album. Many of the touchstones from Citay’s previous work remain intact — flourishes of Led Zeppelin, Eno/Fripp, Thin Lizzy, Pink Floyd, Popul Vuh and ELO can be heard throughout — but a newfound swagger pushes Dream Get Together way over the top.

Seldom has there been a more obvious choice for an album-opener than “Careful With That Hat,” a song propelled by a deep groove and swing that practically begs the listener to stand up and air-drum wildly. The vocals soar, the lead guitars catch fire and the mammoth solo (courtesy of guitarist Josh Pollock) builds to an ecstatic explosion. This is the shot across the bow. Citay have arrived on Dream Get Together.

Led by songwriter Ezra Feinberg, Citay has made a career out of studio exploration, recalling a time when studio excess was the norm. Producer Tim Green, of the Fucking Champs, is no stranger to sonic indulgence, and together Feinberg and Green have woven together a musical tapestry that is both heavy and sweet. In Citay, the metal leanings of Green’s band are replaced by an altogether different brand of fantasy rock. Dream Get Together has an embroidered and epic beauty that flies over the ocean while snuggling up to the ears. Joining Feinberg in Citay is drummer Warren Huegel, whose rhythmic sensibilities are best exemplified not only by his thunderous beats, but also his percussion decorations that lift the Citay sound from the ground up. Flanking Feinberg’s acoustic six string live are the electric guitars of Sean Smith and Josh Pollock. Bassist Diego Gonzalez holds it all together throughout. Feinberg shares vocal duties on Dream Get Together with Tahlia Harbour and Meryl Press, whose sweet, soaring voices play the perfect foil to the bombast.

One of many highlights of Dream Get Together is “Mirror Kisses,” a song Feinberg wrote specifically for guest vocalist Merrill Garbus (of Tune-Yards) to sing in three-part harmony with Harbour and Press of Citay. With the soaring Ebow guitars and vocal harmonies, “Mirror Kisses” is Citay at its most lush and melodic. In contrast, “Hunter” is Citay at its most excessive — a triumphant instrumental anthem that somehow bridges the gap between Klaus Schulze and The Scorpions. With a spaced-out synth solo by Joel Robinow of Howlin’ Rain, “Hunter” is a majestic ride. Dream Get Together closes with a gorgeous rendition of Galaxie 500’s “Tugboat,” in which Citay replaces the reverb-y electric guitars with clean acoustic strumming and Fripp-ed out sonics, preserving the beauty of the original while making the song their own. LISTEN: //

PETULA //  is the solo project of Sn Cleemann. It revolves around loop tectonics and honey-y melody, patterns and movements and the occasional clicky beat. Petula hails from Berlin and also plays in real bands making real music.

Berlin tape label Froggi Records released Petula’s debut album “Elephant Dresses” on tape and on internet in April, 2010. LISTEN::


M:SOUNDTRACK presents ♥ : THURSDAY 07.10.2010 @ 9 p.m. in Schokoladen::

HUNT // is a six piece band from Gothenburg, Sweden. Singer Susanna Brandin (Winter Took His Life, Björn Kleinhenz) pulls us into a captivating atmosphere, creating an emotional ambiguity that argues with hope and despair. Hunt manage to walk the thin line between postrock and contemporary folk quite elegantly. Modest and dazzling at the same time. Just the way its supposed to be done LISTEN::

SUSIE ASADO // She likes to drink sweet tea. She likes words and songs. She had a wonderful year of touring adventures, too much tea and gas stations. Currently she is working on her new songs with Marko Hefele, Jason Levis and Tomi Simatupang. Some in English, some in German and some in both. She will sing you some songs. You may have to leave your house, risk something happening to you, you may have to cross borders, fall in love with border patrol, you may have to travel, but well, traveling is part of the world of Susie Asado. Open suitcase close suitcase. LISTEN::

KIM BARLOW // It’s another flawless collection of shrewd observations and wry wit from Yukon-based singer-songwriter Kim Barlow. This time, the simplicity of Barlow’s down-to-earth vocals and folk instrumentation are embellished with glistening pop touches that linger in the ears. She supplements capable claw hammer banjo playing with a variety of other instruments, including Wurlitzer, Autoharp and shivers of lovely glockenspiel. Though melodically inventive, the music tends to hang modestly back, allowing Barlow’s crafty lyrics to take centre stage. Underneath her beautiful poetic rhythm lies something deliciously, refreshingly sour — i.e., “Gingerman,” the twisted tale of a cookie man who chews off his own hands and feet in a drunken rage. “No one else can run as fast as one tough cookie with no pants,” sings Barlow, who then whistles sweetly, sounding as though frosting wouldn’t melt in her mouth. With her agreeable, unaffected voice and sly sense of humour, Barlow’s fourth full-length disc warms the spirit like a cup of rum-spiked cocoa during a tundra cold snap.(Jericho Beach)
Read more:


M:SOUNDTRACK presents ♥ : THURSDAY 14.10.2010 @ 9 p.m. in Schokoladen::

THE GREEN APPLE SEA // Der Rolling Stone attestierte der Nürnberger Band The Green Apple Sea einst, ihre Musik klänge so, als hätte der Teenage Fanclub den Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young-Klassiker “Déjá Vu” neu aufgenommen. Ein gewagter Vergleich, dem man aber kaum widersprechen kann.

Auch die neue Platte “Northern Sky – Southern Sky”, die am 15. Oktober bei K&F Records erscheint, hat – wie schon die beiden Vorgänger – das Zeug zum Lieblingsalbum. Zeitlose, unaufgeregte Arrangements treffen da auf kluge, nachdenkliche Texte und Harmonien von entwaffnender Schönheit. Im allerbesten Falle klingt das dann so wie im bereits im vergangenen Jahr auf “Leaks, Spills & Thrills” (einer Split-EP mit Garda) veröffentlichten “Satellite Wings” (Video) oder im grandiosen “Whale Watching”, das wie aus heiterem Himmel von mehrstimmigem Backgroundgesang durchflutet wird.

HOLMES (Swe) // Sincere, true and honest – three words to describe the music of Holmes, but also three words to describe them as a band. When you meet Holmes either through the speakers of your stereo, at the house of a friend or live in concert you will soon realize that you have found a new friend. I first met Holmes in 2009 through their EP Storm and after playing those four tracks for five or six hours straight during a rainy Friday afternoon I soon realized that I would have to get their debut album pronto, and 15 minutes later I found myself at the local music store holding Wolves as carefully as if it was made of glass, with a big grin on my face. A week later I knew all the songs by heart and since then we have been like the best of friends – Holmes and I.

Holmes will welcome you from the very first tone and then carefully lead you through stunning melodies and lyrics with gravity and intensity. This is a band that will let you come along on tour, lend you a jacket when you’re cold or hand you a cup of coffee when you need it the most. Their music is a feeling to wake up to with sounds that compliment your spring walks in the sun and tones that will wag you to sleep, and it’s been described as critics as both melancholic and epic, as well as a portrayal of autumn dressed in music; steady and colorful, like a drizzling rain.

Like most other bands from the Vänersborg area Holmes rehearse in the old mental hospital in the small town that pretty much holds a black canal, a big interest for music and a roundabout with a tiny statue of the Eiffel Tower (Vänersborg is for some reason nick named Little Paris, although no-one seems to remember why). And maybe it’s the combination of a small town, a black canal and a whole lot of creativity that somehow has made Holmes so sincere, so true and so honest. Just like a best friend. –– Sara Karlsson, March 15, 2010

GARDA //  was started as an acoustic side project and has now turned into a music collective from dreseden with more or less eleven members this is what journalists are saying about their new album….

‘…Erinnert das nicht ein wenig an Broken Social Scene und Co.?…Man kann den Dresdner nur wünschen, dass sie ähnlich breite Kreise ziehen wie die großen Kanadier. Garda haben das Zeug dazu.’ INTRO

‘…This City is ours ist ein echter Hit, eine Hymne für den Herbst,[…] Melancholie ist das Grundthema, aber voller prickelnder Momente.’ DE:BUG

‘…Ein Kunstwerk! Unaufgeregt und dennoch aufwirbelnd bis in die Haarspitzen.’ MELODIE & RHYTHMUS

‘…Visionärer Folkpop, welcher in der hiesigen Musiklandschaft nur schwer zu finden ist…’ DEUTSCHLAND RADIO, KULTUR


M:SOUNDTRACK + .Hbc presents ♥: 27.10.2010 @ 20 Uhr in Hbc. // a film screening of ” Died Young Stayed Pretty” by Eileen Yaghoobian + Poster Exhibition + Party. ….. more details to come!

.Hbc is located at Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse 9, 10178 Berlin across from Alexanderplatz / Rote Rathaus

…Its a screening.. its a exhibition… its a discussion… its a party …

Hey Friends: this is an Early Call for Graphic/Poster Art:: // On Wednesday, October 27th in Hbc. I will be having a film screening of “Died Young Stayed Pretty” from Eileen Yaghoobian and we ask graphic artists to bring out one poster for a one night exhibition and discussion + party. /// you can make your own version of the screening, bring in your favorite poster you’ve made or if you want (cheeky M:Soundtrack) make a poster for one of my upcoming concerts ::: check out this list!// please contact me for more info. and spread the news!

Died Young, Stayed Pretty // is a candid look at the underground poster culture in North America. This unique documentary examines the creative spirit that drives these indie graphic artists. They pick through the dregs of America’s schizophrenic culture and piece them back together. What you end up with is a caricature of the black and bloated heart that pulses greed through the US economy. The artists push further into the pulp to grab the attention of passersby, plastering art that’s both vulgar and intensely visceral onto the gnarled surfaces of the urban landscape. The film gives us intimate look at some of the giants of this modern subculture. Outside of their own circle, they’re virtually unknown. But within their ranks they make up an army of bareknuckle brawlers, publicly arguing the aesthetic merits of octopus imagery and hairy 70s porn stars. They’ve created their own visual language for describing the spotty underbelly of western civilization and they’re not shy about throwing it in the face of polite society. Along the way, they manage to create posters that are strikingly obscene, unflinchingly blasphemous and often quite beautiful. Yaghoobian shows these artists for what they are: the vivisectionists of America’s morbidly obese consumer culture.


LINK ///

“A captivating artifact of an era.” –THE VILLAGE VOICE

“One of the most fascinating documentaries of the year”

“the Citizen Kane of underground rock poster art documentaries” –LA WEEKLY

“Unexpectedly excellent…A Blast of a Movie”

“Yaghoobian proves she has a flair for the telling detail every bit as keen as her subjects”.

Eileen Yaghoobian’s fabulous debut doc is an inclusive look at the renaissance of poster art in the wake of punk and the rebirth of a defiant counterculture.”

“The film is a work of art similar to the posters it features…the poster art, and stories told by its makers …render this a strange but strangely compelling viewing experience.”

One is left in no doubt that this bunch of eccentrics, loners and mad men are exercising their artistic freedoms in ways that few artists ever do. Well worth renting, downloading or stealing.

“Yaghoobian’s nonlinear editing is as offbeat as the posters, with non sequiturs and strange asides. She lets scenes run a few seconds longer than most directors would — to good effect.”

” The rest of us can marvel at how Yaghoobian creates something so visually arresting out of a guy standing on a sidewalk or in a garage. Now that is art.”
“If Helvetica opened the doors to a mass audience for design, three new films are taking it one step further” –PRINT MAGAZINE
“Packed with stunning art and full of sharp insights into the artistic process”
See More


M:SOUNDTRACK presents ♥ : THURSDAY 28.10.2010 @ 9 p.m. in Schokoladen::
DOSH (US/Anticon)  + SNAILHOUSE (Can)

DOSH (US/ANTICON) // There he was, this musically lucked child of a once-priest and a near-nun, 12 years old and piled high with a Radio Shack combo stereo, stacks of records, and pockets full of dubbed tapes. It was 1984 and Martin Dosh was orchestrating the soundtracks to his junior high school dances, playing only the choice cuts for the budding romantics and perspiring wallflowers: Run DMC, Prince, Devo, the Cars, New Order… At age 3, Marty had started harassing his folks to bone up for piano lessons (after three years of persistence, they gave in); that he’d developed considerable musical taste before hitting puberty should come as no real surprise.

Call him a one-man band, a virtuoso, a gifted collaborator or a family man, Martin, Marty, Dosh or Dad, our subject has gotten to now by what seems an uncanny path.

JUMPING AHEAD …In 2003 Anticon proudly released Dosh’s virtuoso debut, Dosh, a loop-building collage of shimmering Rhodes, atypical drumming grounded in groove, field recordings and spontaneous performance (much of the album was pieced together using the 100-plus hours of tape he’d recorded at his parents’). Dosh’s second full-length, Pure Trash was inspired by his life’s most pleasant turns, and though the album was instrumental it emoted all the warmth and anticipation, fear and relief that comes with building a family. Dosh’s third album, The Lost Take, showcases the man’s unique approach to sound with an expanded musicality and growing guest-list including Andrew Bird and members of Tapes ‘N Tapes.

His Fourth record, Wolves And Wishes, adds to the ever-impressing oeuvre with the explorative wonderment of a debut album. To date Dosh has recorded and shared stages with  with BONNIE „PRINCE“ BILLIE, FOG, Jel, Odd Nosdam, Neotropic, ANDREW BIRD, Redstart, Vicious Vicious, Poor Line Condition, Lateduster, WHY?,  the Interferents, members of Tapes ‘N Tapes, WILCO, Damo Suzuki, GARY WILSON, Golden Smog, Sole, MY MORNING JACKET, Tapes ‘n Tapes, cLOUDDEAD, Sage Francis, DEVENDRA BANHART, Kid Dakota, Alias, Themselves, The Jayhawks, Atmosphere, DJ Vadim and many more.

SNAILHOUSE // Snailhouse is an ongoing collection of songs by Montreal based artist Mike Feuerstack. Half singer-songwriter, half experimental guitar player – Feuerstack is in love with words and music and how they play together. Over the course of 5 albums and an EP, Snailhouse has earned a very loyal following all over the underground music world.

Snailhouse’s last record, the Jeremy Gara produced Lies on the Prize was widely acclaimed (including a Polaris nomination) for its panoramic and literate musicality.

At once classic and inventive, the unique song-craft and sensibility listeners come to expect from Snailhouse takes genres both new and old and weaves them into something that can never be listened to the same way twice. In 2008, “Do You want to Talk All Night? – A Sappy Records Tribute to Snailhouse” was released, on which many of Feuerstack’s peers and fans in other bands (among them Maritime, The Acorn and Rick White) performed versions of Snailhouse songs. Feuerstack was also a founding member art-rock band Wooden Stars, who were awarded a Juno for best alternative album for their collaboration with Julie Doiron, titled Julie Doiron and the Wooden Stars.

Mike can also be found offering his guitar and lap steel skills to the ear bending Bell Orchestre (Juno Winners, Polaris nominees) and the heartbreaking folk of Angela Desveaux.
<br> <br>
Snailhouse music has featured contributors as diverse and renowned as Julie Doiron, Dave Draves, Angela Desveaux, members of Arcade Fire, Wintersleep, Bell Orchestre, Maritime and The Acorn – to name a few. LISTEN::

THE WURST SOUNDTRACK presents on NOVEMBER 22, 2010 @  9 p.m. in LOVELITE Berlin // BATHS (US/ANITCON) + TOUCHY MOB (Bln)

BATHS (US/ANTICON) // As Baths, Chatsworth, Calif.’s Will Wiesenfeld connects the dots between the sun-drenched haze of glo-fi torchbearers (Washed Out, Toro Y Moi) and the woozy beat math that lights the spliffs of Los Angeles’ Brainfeeder collective (Flying Lotus, the Gaslamp Killer). New track “Maximalist” is a representation of Wiesenfeld’s strengths, as a big, Dilla-esque beat smashes through layers of stuttered vocals and swirling fuzz. Just as comfort starts to set in, however, the script is flipped and another surprising influence rises from the ether: the cut-and-paste sample aesthetics of the Books. Here, Wiesenfeld uses vocal samples of a man stating “love” and “my life” where other producers might use negative space to add extra rhythmic kick. Then a fascinated female voice effuses, “Shining a light of beauty into the universe,” with all the conviction of a stoner staring into a ceiling fan, right before high-pitched tones shove the beat back into line. “Maximalist,” indeed.

Check out this beautiful video for Lovely Bloodflow :::

TOUCHY MOB // Auf der Bühne steht ein Klavier, ein Laptop und ein bärtiger Mann mit Gitarre. Das ist Touchy Mob aus Berlin, der Herzen in Käfige sperrt, um später die Gitterstäbe mit unerwartbaren emotionalen Ausbrüchen zu sprengen. Eben erst hat er die Musik zu Finn-Ole Heinrichs Hörbuch „Auf meine Kappe” eingespielt. Sein Album „Pets Of Plenty“ kann und muss man komplett von seiner Webseite laden. HERZRASEN 11/09

heute entführe ich Euch in den Streichelzoo. Mit von der Partie ist Bartträger Ludwig a.k.a. Touchy Mob aus diesem Berlin, das hier auch schon mal erwähnt wurde. Ganz bezaubernder, betörender und kaum einzuordnender Neo Singer/Songwriter Lofi Loop Electro Folk irgendwo zwischen Matt Elliott, Kalkbrenner, Grizzly Bear und Animal Collective. Ich bin gleichzeitig begeistert, wahnsinnig und süchtig. MUSS.DAS.LIVE.SEHEN!!! RELING SICHERN 10/09

ein illustrer bärtiger berliner, namens touchy mob, macht wirklich tolle musik. sein aktuelles album heißt “Pets Of Plenty”, erschien auf dem polnischen diy label Gingerbread Records und beinhaltet 9 songs, die man unter neo-folk-elektro-pop einschubladieren könnte. LISTEN::



TELEKINESIS (US/MORR MUSIC) // Dirty Thing: After his stunning self titled first album, Michael Lerner aka TELEKINESIS brings you ‘Dirty Thing’, which is primarily dirty if it comes to the sound: As an hommage to the culture of Low Fidelity, Michael Lerner recorded this EP all alone with the microphone of his Macbook and “insane amounts of compression”. Significantly in this context: A few years ago Michael passed The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts in Liverpool, where Paul McCartney himself has an eye on his student’s skillz in recording and audio engineering. Thereby the record’s raw sound fits perfectly to it’s five songs: candid, straightforward and always highly emotional: This is exactly the kind of rock n roll-record, that have become rare these days: no needless knick knack – just a bunch of incredibly catchy two-minute-tunes. While two of them are brandnew, you’ll already know the other three: ‘Calling All Doctors’ (because it was already part of the debut album – though in another version), ‘Meaningless’ (because it was originally played by The Magnetic Fields) and ‘The Drawback’ (because it was written by Joy Division or rather Warsaw). digital release: 31/08/2010 // physical release: 08/10/2010



Under the stars,me! + M:soundtrack present @ N.B.I on the 2nd of December 2010 :: SISKIYOU (CAN/Great Lake Swimmers) + TBA

SISKIYOU (Can/Constellation) // It is difficult to say exactly how long it took Siskiyou to record their debut, self-titled album. It was during downtime from the ambitious tour schedule of his former band, Great Lake Swimmers that Colin Huebert began unofficially recording ‘ideas’ at his home in Vancouver, …British Columbia. It wasn’t until his final departure from said band in the summer of 2008 that Huebert found the time and energy necessary to begin crafting Siskiyou’s forthcoming album.

Never one to unconsciously adhere to rules and standards, Colin approached recording somewhat differently than others. In an attempt to remove ‘the brain’ from the song-writing process, the core of many songs were recorded, using whatever means available, often within ten minutes of their conception. Without any idea of a final product, these rudimentary recordings were shared with former band mate, Erik Arnesen, and together they meticulously built strange and lush arrangements to surround these charmed moments. Employing various locations (beaches, stairwells, bathrooms, etc.) throughout the Vancouver area, Siskiyou proceeded to balance the energy of an epiphany with a modest, methodical attention to detail. This tension, apparent throughout Siskiyou’s self-titled debut full length has been described as perfectly capturing the lush, yet often-chilly landscape of the Pacific Northwest. To accompany many of the songs from the upcoming release, Huebert and filmmaker Karolyn Keir are currently in the process of preparing a number of short videos (Super 8, 16mm, and digital).

Yet to perform live, Siskiyou is currently planning a European and western North American tour to support their debut release in the autumn of 2010. With the help of two other multi-instrumentalists from Vancouver the four-piece will translate the recorded material into a live performance that should fall somewhere between the Jesus and Mary Chain’s “Psychocandy” and Simon and Garfunkel’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water”. Or something like that.

Siskiyou has already finished the bulk of recording for its sophomore album,
during sessions in a century-old community hall located in rural British Columbia.

stream the album here //

PLUS AT Schokoladen

M:SOUNDTRACK presents ♥ : THURSDAY 2.12.2010 @ 9 p.m. in Schokoladen:: HOTPANTS ROMANCE (Manchester, UK) +++ TBA

HOTPANTS ROMANCE (Manchester, UK) // Hotpants Romance gründeten sich 2 Stunden vor ihrem ersten Gig am 14. Februar 2005 mit dem Gelöbnis einmal jährlich am Valentinstag aufzutreten. Nach dem stürmischen 2 ½ Songs – Set wollte das Publikum mehr. Der ursprüngliche Plan wurde fallengelassen und man beschloß immer und überall zu spielen wo man sie haben wollte.

“Hotpants Romance are easily my perfect band this year or any other.” Everett True, Plan B Magazine

“Hotpants Romance – a band so utterly, mind-blowingly amazing that you really have to hear them to understand, mere words can’t do them justice” Rachael Neiman, Cherryade Records/Dandelion Radio

“Hotpants Romance are simply wonderful.”

“Why are this band not absolutely fucking massive? Come on NME, you’re slacking.” Cath Aubergine,

“Ragged, rough-hewn and unruly they might be, but Hotpants Romance are true rough musical diamonds who can shine without needing to be over-polished and are making a very convincing bid to be Manchester’s greatest ever girl group.” David Sue, Manchester Evening News

The vocals are brattish, the riffs are infectious and the drumming is insistent. Give’em an ASBO?, no siree!, give’em a record contract and a slot on Jools Holland.. I’d like to see him try and ‘boogie woogie’ along to this!”

“You girls are going to be massive… and if you aren’t you should be” Big Dave



THE WURST SOUNDTRACK presents on December 7, 2010 @  9 p.m. in the ROTOR SALON in der Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburgplatz:: STANLEY BRINKS (a.k.a. Andre Herman Düne) + FRESCHARD and Special Guests


STANLEY BRINKS  a.k.a André Herman Düne // has lived and worked in Berlin since 2004. He has made Berlin his base, a place where the coming and goings of a geographical minstrel stay under the radar. A home studio where he and Freschard prolifically kick out new songs, albums and even manage to record other artists and friends such as The Wave Pictures from the UK, or Ish Marquez and The Purple Organ good friends from their New York days in the cradle of the anti-folk scene. Stanley is a founding member of the band Herman Düne and is also known for making music under several different monikers such as AHD, Ben Dope, Klaus Bong, Ben Haschish, John Trawling, John Andreas, or even Lord Stanislas…

„Stanley’s (Andre’s) music combines a lo-fi sound with humorous and intelligent lyrics that cover a range of topics including Germans, a lack of confidence with a girl and trees in the garden. One track, simply called Stanley Brinks, seems to be autobiographical, describing his time at university, playing in a band and then going solo. If you like artists such as Iron and Wine and Mark Eitzel (American Music Club) and then this is for you. If you like Herman Dune, don’t expect more of the same. He plays with only his guitar and the musical arrangements are sparse. Most of the musical content comes from the tunes he sings, and the guitar need not be there at all. Very few artists have this ability and his voice is strong and soothing so this in no way is a bad thing. Indeed, its the lyrics where the real meat of the performance lies, they are often very poignant and amusing, lots of laughs filled the room this evening.“ Brighton Culture 2007

His texts are full of personal moments, one could even say explicit moments, which make you contemplate if he is writing his biography or merely re-telling someone else’s adventures. He has a control of nonsense poetry and a dark and disconcerting storytelling way about him. All this as the joyous tones of a guitar (usually a 1448 Silverton Danelectro circa 60 years old) catch our attention. sometimes Folk sometimes Blues or even Calypso. And he just might have his soprano saxophone with him, nice and always a lit cigarette. Mr. Stanley Brinks is an admirer of Steve Lacy and Gerry Mulligan.

Following the purchase of a gramophone he discovers the musical songs to texts of 30 years ago and the calypso music of Trinidad.. inspiring them to achieve two CD-R repeatedly ‘in tone’ “Calypso” and “More Calypso”, joined by Clémence Freschard under their group name Kreuzberg Museum. Listen::

FRESCHARD // grew up in a farm in French Burgundy. She started organizing shows in the barn when she was about 12 years old. Aged 18 she moved to the big city, Paris, where she baked pies and cakes in a cafe. There, a local musician and regular customer called Andre Herman Dune wrote a few songs for her to sing. Homeless in Paris, she saved up just enough money to get herself a ticket to New York. There she found an old electric guitar and started writing her own material. With AHD and G. Lucas Crane she also formed a band called Back Up, and worked on poetical noise music.

In 2004 she moved to Berlin, where she recorded her first LP, “Alien Duck”, with a mix of electronic and acoustic sounds. Her second album, “Click Click”, recorded in 2006, features a drummer (Leo Bear Creek), and electric guitars by Stanley Brinks. On her third album, “Moonstone”, she plays the drums herself. She works as a sound engineer and records her friends’ music. She also has a Calypso cover band with Stanley Brinks, called Kreuzberg Museum.

Until recently, her music was only available on the cdrs she sells at shows.. but now! there is a lovely vinyl edition of Click Click available from good record stores worldwide!

You can buy all the Freschard, Kreuzberg Muzeum and Stanley Brinks records on the webshop of b.y_records // LISTEN:

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