Your Soundtrack in FEBRUARY

M:SOUNDTRACK presents ♥ :: CHIMES & BELLS (Dk) + TALKING TO TURTLES (D) :  THURSDAY 11.02.2010 @ 9 p.m. in Schokoladen

CHIMES & BELLS // is the brainchild of 26 year old Danish singer and cellist Cæcilie Trier. The classically trained multi-instrumentalist has long been a major part of the Copenhagen indie scene, performing with several renowned bands including the highly acclaimed Choir Of Young Believers. However, with Chimes & Bells, she submerges into her own song-writing for the first time.

The music of Chimes & Bells defies formal genre definitions, but contains elements of noise rock, art pop, shoegazer and r&b. On “Into Pieces Of Wood” slow, brooding and circular song structures are seamlessly intertwined with dark, gleaming ”diamond-in-the-rough” pop melodies and climatic explosions of melodic noise rock. Cæcilies deep, booming, soulful voice – almost a force of nature in itself – combined with the shuffling, gritty and organic groove of the band, creates a hauntingly beautiful and highly alluring soundscape, centered around layered vocal harmonies, cello, organ, guitar, bass and drums. Her debut EP “Into Pieces of wood” was released in Denmark, by Tigerspring, in February 2009 and shortly after the band signed with UK record label Bella Union…

„In these hyper-connected times we’re living in, it’s rare for a band to emerge from seemingly nowhere, with no biographical baggage, no superficial hype and no expectation – and yet utterly astound you with their music. This much I know about Chimes & Bells: they’re a Danish quartet, and their debut EP Into Pieces of Wood marks them out as the best new band I’ve heard this year.“ – Nick Mitchell – the line of the best fit

*for lovers of Beach House. LISTEN::

TALKING TO TURTLES // Wie schön es ist, wenn man in dieser schnelllebigen Zeit etwas findet, was bleibt, weil es beeindruckt. Nicht weil es dick aufgetragen daher kommt, sondern man die Schönheit  reduziert in Miniaturen findet. Kleinode, die in ihrer Intensität trotzdem ganze Orchester in den Schatten stellt. Talking to Turtles sind dafür ein perfektes Beispiel. Und wer einmal “too rough” oder “notice my oh ohs” vom kommenden Debüt gehört hat und von ihnen danach tagelang begleitet wird, der weiss was Schönheit ist. Oft, ganz oft, da wo man sie nicht vermutet aber man überglücklich ist, über sie gestolpert zu sein. Man hält sie fest und lässt sie nicht mehr los. Im Januar kommt via Devilduck/Indigo (u.a. Miss Li, Björn Kleinhenz) ihr Albumdebüt “Monoloque”, aufregend und aufwirbelnd! LISTEN::


M:SOUNDTRACK presents ♥ BOB CORN (Italia) + MARTA COLLICA (It/Bln) :  THURSDAY 18.02.2010 @ 9 p.m. in Schokoladen

MARTA COLLICA // is an italian songwriter, singer and strumentist who, in the last ten years, has been touring and collaborating with many international musicians and songwriters – she began singing with the Australian-Italian group Micevice, and since 2004 key member of John Parish band (PJ Harvey, Eels, Tracy Chapman, etc.). She’s also well known for her collaboration with the Australian songwriter Hugo Race in their outfit Sepiatone (Desvelos IT, Minty Fresh rec. Usa), for touring as keyboard player and vocalist in the latest band formation of Hugo’s True Spirit. Now based in Berlin she wrote and releases her new solo album “About Anything” with Solaris Empire and Desvelos Record, produced here together with Dugald Jayes, and in Bristol with John Parish.

Beside singing, Marta plays piano, rhodes, hammond, synth, guitar, percussions – she likes to explore a wide range of electronic and analogic sounds; her original style combines minimal arrangements and a “unique kind of playing, stumbling unpredictably between delicacy and distortion” Critics used comparison as such Francoise Hardy , Hope Sandoval, Dusty Springfield to describe the unmistakable character of her voice which with its “indifferent intensity, evokes the slightly disquieting atmosphere of a road movie in slow motion” commenting on the delicate soul and psychedelic tangents of her songs. In Berlin at the moment she is collaborating with the electronic artist Sebastian Meissner (Klimek) LISTEN::

BOB CORN // i live in a little village in northern italy’s countryside , where i was born on november the fifth ninteensixtyeight and where i passed all my life till now.. it’s more than ten years than i am involved in the rock music scene, doing different things: organizing shows and festivals, booking tours, driving bands around, running a little label. trying to do these things in a real d.i.y way… music and people in the first row… on this website you can find what i-we are doing  and part of what i-we did in the past.. . after some personal things happened, i started to make my own music, writing songs and performing shows, calling my self “bob corn”. it was the end of twothousandone… it was something that i had to do. necessary.. . it was even a joke. a serious joke.. . now it’s me : i play simple music lines with an acoustic guitar and sing words about people and love… i like to call my music “sad punk”… in these years i put out five records of my own and played many many gigs all around italy and out of this country, sharing the stage with unknown bands as i am or with my favourite artists (mike watt, dinosaur jr, calvin johnson, explosions in the sky, karate, bonnie “prince” billy, sodastream, xiu-xiu, sj esau… many more… yes, i am lucky !) Listen:: //


M:SOUNDTRACK presents ♥ :  :: AIR WAVES (Brooklyn/US) + TBA  // TUESDAY, 23.02.2010 @ 9 p.m. in KUMA GALERIE – (Novalis Straße 7 -near Torstr.)

AIR WAVES (Brooklyn/US) When Pitchfork‘s Guest List asked Dan Deacon what his favorite new band is, his reply may sum up Nicole Schneit’s of Air Waves music best, “The music she writes is like a favorite blanket wrapped around you.”

The Brooklyn based songwriter first found solace in her guitar, composing escapist songs with fantastical stories and catchy choruses. Not wanting to be tagged as strictly a singer-songwriter and desiring a full-band sound, in 2007 Schneit teamed up with fellow Brooklynites taking on the name Air Waves. A medley of folk, rock, pop, and country, Air Waves serves up fantastic imagery with unforgettable melodies with named influences such as Neil YoungThe Clean, and the Velvet Underground. Already in a short time span Air Waves have not only made a name for themselves in Brooklyn, but elsewhere by touring extensively down both the East and West coast sharing the stage with such notable acts like Cat PowerBeach HouseDan Deacon and The Rapture to name a few. Recorded by Baltimore producer Chester Gwazda (Ecstatic Sunshine) in a Long Island basement, their debut self-titled EP (Catbird Records) features five songs, without a single misstep or wasted moment.

The music of AIR WAVES is a mostly controlled thumping, a floating sort of flight that enjoys Sunday driving and getting out and into the countryside where there’s more room to bring and where – if you stay longer than just a day trip – you’re liable to see stars brighter than headlights on a clear evening. Even with the soft landings that Schneit seems to produce with her mild-mannered-ness, Air Waves songs are about conflict deep down inside. She sings on “Waters,” “Babe, I’m not who you want me to be,” and there’s not really a sense if this is catastrophic or this is just an assessment that any bystander could make – just one of the things that’s always harder for those in the thick of it to come to grips with. It is a conflict though, one of passivity and one that’s not going to destroy someone too bad, but the momentary repercussions could sting a little if they come from out of the blue. On “Lightning,” Schneit is again dealing out the bad news, through chimes and a similarly pleasant pace and melody, singing to someone suspecting or otherwise, as these things tend to go, “Oh, oh, oh, I’m gonna be the lightning that strikes down your tree.” She’s bringing the lightning and the thunder under the cover of night, quaking the furniture and the foundations of everything she passes. And then she’s moved on, less sad or sadder. It’s always so hard to tell. – Daytrotter LISTEN::

-“Nicole Schneit is an amazing songwriter. The music she writes is like a favorite blanket wrapped around you. Drummer Dave Ferraro complements her songs well. “Shine On” is my current favorite song by them.” DAN DEACON Pitchfork

M:Soundtrack @ kuma galerie * novalis straße 7 – near torstr


M:SOUNDTRACK presents ♥  SIR TRALALA (Seayou/Wien) + Falk & Die Wiese (Bln) :  THURSDAY 25.02.2010 @ 9 p.m. in Schokoladen //

SIR TRALALA // was born 1999 in the course of the accidental use of a non lightning-proof transformer during a digital homerecording coversession of the song “the mercy seat”. The Sir is a digital noisemaker and analog massager of hearts. Maverick and entertainer, multi­instrumentalist, Weird-Folk-Genius and megalomaniac composer rogue. Sir Tralala`s music can hardly be described via the approach to his biographical circumstances of living or working. LISTEN::


FALK // is looking for meaning in daily life: because sometimes you need melodies and rhymes to get by. he formed his band die wiese (german for “the lawn”) to perform his debut album “pigeon and moron” (recorded in his bedroom). falk co-organizes the Berlin diyconcert series fourtrack on stage. LISTEN::




M:SOUNDTRACK presents ♥ BOB WISEMAN (CAN) + TRÉSORS (paris/side project Jordon) + KID IKARUS (bln) on  THURSDAY 04.03.2010 @ 9 p.m. in Schokoladen

// BOB WISEMAN is a Canadian singer-songwriter and filmmaker. His outsider music blends folk, rock jazz and very often contains explicitly political themes. He has toured with Feist, Final Fantasy, Scott Thompson and has been a guest performer with Wilco, The Wallflowers, Edie Brickell. He was also a member of The Hidden Cameras and Slutarded.

He has collaborated theatrically with Scott Thompson of Kids In The Hall on Scottastrophe and Anand Rajaram on Cowboys and Indians and Sean Dixon for the Barbara Gowdy story “The White Bone”. In the early 90s he offered to take up Prince‘s name when the purple one decided he no longer wished to called Prince. The cease and desist letter remains laminated in Bob’s lavatory to this day. LISTEN:: SEE::

// TRÉSORS is a Paris-based project born in 2009 in an awakened dream. Inspired by Zabriskie Point’s landscapes, Marathon Man’s tensions and Shining’s craziness, the duo creates an intense lo-fi science fiction climate – following their heroes footsteps : Tortoise, The Sound, UltraVox and Zombi. Oh and as you probably noticed, everything is played with our hands, no computer, just like arts and crafts!

// KID IKARUS this is only about wax wings and juvenile recklessness if you want it to be. this is just as well about musical styles that might blurr or alternate, almost pre-designed slipping fingers that might always hit the right key, songs that might sound as if, instruments that might get mixed up, out-of-pattern beats that might suit the cats, silliness that might be taken seriously or glove puppets that might become rap stars.


M:SOUNDTRACK presents ♥  KARL BLAU (US)  + SIN ROPAS (US):  THURSDAY 11.03.2010 @ 9 p.m. in Schokoladen

KARL BLAU (US, K Records) // To listen to Karl Blau’s albums and make descriptions of what is heard is to walk through a farmer’s market and describe all the vegetables grown in that area. It is the love that Blau feels for music that shines through; most anyone can sense the passion this cultivator has for his trade. Every age group has been exposed to punk rock and everyone needs heartfelt music now as much as ever.  Karl Blau constantly renews his commitment to exploring the frontiers of sound. In this world of instant access to musical cultures near and far that were once a series of thick walls of concrete – time becomes a limitless characteristic. In his latest recordings entitled Zebra, Blau pays homage to the feedback of music from Africa and the music of African descent. LISTEN::

… “this is not an LP to be missed by fans of the K Records family, or those interested in an R&B Yo la Tengo with jazz rock finesse and lo-fi appeal.” –

“He’s not a bedroom producer, not an acoustically strummy freak folkie, not a lo-fi indie popper like his close associates on the Calvin Johnson axis. Instead, Blau deliberately dodges all those labels and their attendant expectations better than just about any other songwriter making music today.” – Tiny Mixtapes

SIN ROPAS (US) // Sin Ropas has a way of making the familiar strange. Alumni of Red Red Meat and early Califone, Tim Hurley and Danni Iosello find buried truths and turn them into something essential and new, making music so resonant and evocative that their records are simultaneously featured on Top 10 Alt-Country lists while appearing on “Best of Rock” reviews and psychedelic music websites. Elements of all music are there, seeping into the long-dark places where it meets everything you’ve ever heard or have longed to hear. LISTEN ::

Pitchfork: [Sin Ropas] abstract song-movies rely heavily on a series of unfixed, user-provided images–pictures replace sounds, sensations supplant rationalizations, everything goes a little blurry…It’s hard to establish a stanch reference point for any of its cagey tracks: the perpetual puzzle is part of what makes this record so endlessly intriguing…It has far less to do with mechanically processing a series of notes than with establishing abstract, pre-linguistic relationships with art”.

Puncture: (Sin Ropas)”It’s easy to imagine each of this records’ eight juggernauts (on Trickboxes on the Ponyline) as a deconstructed and slightly decayed version of a conventional pop song, falling apart at the seams and unraveled at both ends…If this sounds to you like words of highest praise, you heard right”.

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